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Page last updated on Wed, Jul 10, 2013

The below Chapter Constitution and By-laws were submitted by the Port of Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter for ratification as per Council of American Master Mariners By-laws, Article I, section 3, subsections: (a), (b), (c), and (d). This action was taken after the membership present at a duly noticed membership meeting in November, discussed the revissions and passed unanimously the revised Chapter Constitution and By-laws. These amendments and changes have not yet been approved by The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc. National organization.

The reasoning for the changes were:

  1. With the creation or the Columbia River Chapter, the boundary lines of the Port of Seattle/PNW Chapter needed to be re-adjusted and defined.
  2. Sections pertaining to membership needed to be revised to reflect changes to the National Constitution and By-laws.
  3. Sections pertaining to Officers needed to be revised to reflect Companion Members being allowed to hold the positions of Secretary and/or Treasurer.
  4. Minor changes of gramatical nature and the removal of the word "Area" from the Chapter title were made to reflect the Chartered title of the Chapter.
  5. By-Laws for the Port of Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter could NOT be produced. Therefore, the Chapter re-wrote By-laws based on the Baltimore Chapter By-laws.

Contents Constitution
Article I: Title
Article II: Purposes, Policies, and Powers
Article III: Membership
Article IV: Chapter Officers
Article V: Nominations and Elections
Article VI: Eligibility and Term of Office
Article VII: Nominations and Elections
Article VIII: Annual General Meeting
Article IX: Changes in the Constitution

Contents By-Laws
Section 1. Duties of Chapter Officers
Section 2. Committees
Section 3. Committee Action
Section 4. Duties of Permanent Committees
Section 5. Finance
Section 6. Dues
Section 7. Quorum
Section 8. Amendments


Constitution of CAMM Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter


Purposes, Policy, and Powers
Section 1. Purposes

  1. To sponsor, within the Pacific Northwest area, a chartered Chapter of The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc., that will facilitate association of those members of said council residing in or otherwise situated within the Pacific Northwest area including all ports North of Cape Disappointment, namely: Willapa Bay, Grays Harbor, and those ports situated on the United States side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Rosario Straits, Admiralty Inlet, Hood Canal, South Puget Sound and connecting United States waters, and the State of Alaska. Nothing in this section shall preclude a Master Mariner residing outside, but nearer to the boundaries herein, from becoming a member of this chapter. The Chapter shall embrace and abide by the purposes of the parent Council, its Constitution and Amendments thereto.
  2. To provide by this union, a fraternal and benevolent society, contributing to the best interests and well being of its members both professionally and socially.
  3. To recognize, foster and otherwise assist all wise and provident measures dedicated to the furtherance of the maritime industry of the United States of America; to assist in the enhancement of the stature of the American Mariner; and to promote accomplishment of those purposes set forth in the Declaration of Policy in the Constitution of the National Council of American Master Mariners, Inc.

Section 2. Policy

  1. To promote, by such lawful determinate means, good will, public understanding and recognition of these purposes and dedications.

Section 3. Powers

  1. This organization, through its properly elected officials and concurring membership, empowers constructive furtherance of the above stated purposes in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter and its parent Council.
  2. All motions, measures and means for the utilization of these powers, being duly ratified by lawful assembly, shall henceforth constitute expression of popular subscription to the foregoing.

Section 1. Active Membership

  1. Active membership in this Chapter shall be composed of members of The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc., in good standing, residing, working, or otherwise situated within the Pacific Northwest area, as outlined in Article II, Section 1.a. of this Constitution. These Master Mariners shall be members of and associated with the Port of Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter. The member shall not be affiliated with another established Chapter of The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc. A member of the National Council not residing or working in the area described may be a member of the Chapter.
  2. The active membership referred to in this section shall comprise the classes of members described in Article III, Section 1, of the Constitution of the National Council of American Master Mariners, Inc., namely, that of Regular, Special, Associated, and Honorary membership.

Section 2. Companion Membership

  1. Persons interested in the aims and purposes of The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc., That are not members of the National Council of American Master Mariners, Inc., may, upon application to and recommendation of the chapter�s membership committee, be accepted by the lawful assembly, under the terms of this Constitution, to that chapters Companion membership. Such Companion members shall have all the rights and privileges of active membership, with the exception of voting and holding the elective offices of President and Vice President.
  2. The total number of Companion members shall not at any time exceed one-half of the active members of the Chapter.

Chapter Officers
Section 1. Officers

  1. The elected officers of The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc., The Port of Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter, shall be the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.

Executive Council
Section 1. Executive Council

  1. The Executive Council for this Chapter shall consist of the President, Vice President, and any elected Chapter officer with voting privileges, and the past Presidents.

Eligibility and Term of Office
Section 1. Eligibility

  1. Any active member of The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc., the Port of Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter that is in good standing and an active participant in the affairs of the Chapter may be nominated for and elected to any office of the Chapter. Companion members may be elected to the offices of Treasurer or Secretary only.

Section 2. Term of Office

  1. The term of office for all elected officers shall be for two calendar years.

Section 3. Succession

  1. The elected officers shall be permitted to succeed themselves in office, but such succession in any particular office should be limited to only one additional term beyond that for which originally elected. For the purpose of this section, officers filling a vacancy occurring between the regular biennial elections shall not be considered as having been elected to such an office.

Nominations and Elections
Section 1. Elections

  1. Elections of officers will be held during the regular September business meeting of each odd numbered year.

Section 2. Nominations

  1. The Election Committee shall receive nominations, each election year not later than thirty (30) days preceding the August meeting.
  2. At the August meeting in the election year, the Election Committee shall present the slate of candidates to the lawful assembly, at which time any nominee declining to stand for election may withdraw his/her name.

Section 3. Balloting

  1. The members present at the September election meeting shall determine the mode of balloting.
  2. If voice vote or show of hands is decided as the mode of election, the Chairman of the Election Committee will conduct the election.
  3. If the election is to be determined by balloting, the Election Committee, who shall also make official count, shall provide ballots. The results shall be reported by announcement not later than the end of the election meeting by the Chairman of the Election Committee.

Section 4. Results

  1. Election to office shall be by simple majority. All ties shall be resolved by a draw in the presence of the members present at the regular meeting.

Section 5. Assumption to Office

  1. The successful candidates shall assume their office immediately upon the announcement of the election results.

Section 6. Special Elections

  1. Special elections to fill vacancies shall be held at the first regular meeting next succeeding that meeting at which the existence of a vacancy is announced. The Election Committee shall handle nominations, balloting, and certification of the results. Successful candidates shall assume their offices immediately after their election.
  2. If no candidates are nominated for election to the vacancy, the Chapter President may appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next regular election.
  3. When a vacancy occurs within ninety (90) days of the regular scheduled election, the special election will be held in abeyance and the President of the Chapter may appoint a member to the vacant office during the interim.

Annual General Meeting
Section 1. Delegate

  1. The delegate from the Chapter to the Annual General Meeting of the Council of American Master Mariners, Inc., shall be the Chapter President unless circumstances are such that he cannot attend. In that event, the membership shall choose an alternate delegate who shall be one of the Chapter officers, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer, or one of the past Presidents, who have voting privileges. Should none of the eligible officers be available, a special election shall be held to approve an alternate delegate.
  2. The expenses of the Chapter delegate to be paid from Chapter funds to the delegate be:
    1. The amount of the lowest round trip airfare available plus $250 for room, meals, and other expenses.
    2. The total amount in the section above is the maximum to be paid from Chapter funds. Expenses above this amount shall be the responsibility of the delegate.

Changes in the Constitution
Section 1. Amendments

  1. This Constitution may be amended by a three-fourths vote of a duly noticed meeting of the membership at which a quorum is present. Such amendment or amendments shall be forwarded to the National Board of Governors in accordance with Article I, Section 3, of the By-Laws of the National Council of American Master Mariners, Inc.


By-Laws of the CAMM Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter

Clause Paramount
Nothing contained herein shall be construed to supersede the constitution of THE COUNCIL OF AMERICAN MASTER MARINERS, INC.

The Port of Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter shall hold meetings on dates specified by the President of the Chapter, which shall be not less frequently than quarterly. Nothing in this clause shall preclude more frequent meetings of the Chapter and monthly meetings shall be encouraged.

Section 1. Duties of Chapter Officers
Officers of the Chapter shall faithfully and diligently perform their duties at all meetings, official functions, and special assignments of the Chapter assembly.

  1. The President shall preside at all meetings. The conduct of the meetings will be in accord with Roberts Rules of Order. He shall enforce all laws and regulations of the Chapter. He shall justly hear all grievances and pleas, which shall be properly incorporated in the agenda of the meetings. He shall sign all official letters, bills, contracts and documents pertaining to and in the name of the Chapter or he may designate such powers by direction. Such direction of powers of signature may be assigned to another duly elected official.
  2. The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President in the absence of that officer. In the absence of both, an active member shall be appointed by the President or Vice-President, in writing, to perform the duties of the President.
  3. The Secretary shall prepare the agenda of all meetings for submission to the President. He shall keep minutes of all proceedings. He shall keep the official rolls, and correspondence.
  4. The Treasurer shall receive all funds of the Chapter and shall be responsible for their safekeeping. He shall prepare and certify budgets, annual statements and necessary records. The latter shall include the list of members in good standing.
  5. The Executive Council shall have the power to hold, administer and manage the affairs, funds, property and expenditures of the Chapter. The Executive Council shall exercise control and supervision over all officers and committees of the Chapter and may, for good cause, after hearing, remove an officer or committee member by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire Executive Council provided such officer or committee member shall have been served personally or by registered mail with a notice containing a copy of the charges against him, at least thirty (30) days before the hearing thereon, said notice specifying the time and place of such hearing. At the hearing, such person may be represented by counsel.
  6. Terms of office shall be for two (2) years.

Section 2. Committees

  1. There shall be five permanent committees appointed by the Chapter President as soon after assumption to office as possible. These committees shall be designated as Positions, Membership, House & Arrangements, Publicity, and Publication Committees.
  2. Ad hoc committees shall be constituted by the Chapter President as and when required.
  3. The Chairperson of each such committee shall be appointed by the Chapter President.

Section 3. Committee Action

  1. All permanent committee action shall be subject to ratification by the Executive Council.

Section 4. Duties of Permanent Committees

  1. The Positions Committee shall research and report on all new developments in government and industry that bear upon the purposes of Council and the Chapter. Such reports to the Executive Council shall set forth their recommendations as to what action should be taken in support of or opposition to the matter under review. The Chairperson of this committee shall maintain close liaison with the Chairperson of the Positions Committee of the National Council for obvious reasons.
  2. The Membership Committee is charged with recruitment of members for the Chapter and, in this activity, assist in increasing the membership of the National Council by urging qualified persons to become members. The Chairperson of this committee shall maintain close liaison with the Chairperson of the National Council�s Membership Committee and National Council. Committee members should contact potential members and invite their attendance at a Chapter meeting, thereafter following up to assure that every courtesy is extended to such potential members.
  3. The House and Arrangements Committee shall be charged with making the necessary arrangements for the Chapter�s meeting place, including refreshments and dining facilities as may be desirable. This Committee shall be responsible for organizing social functions of the Chapter, as well as the programs at Chapter meetings. The Chairperson of this Committee shall be authorized to appoint Vice-Chairperson to head up specific functions under his/her cognizance.
  4. The Publicity Committee shall perform such actions as appropriate to inform the general public of the activities of the Chapter. The Chairperson shall maintain close liaison with the Public Relations Committee of the National Council to ensure that no conflict with policies or procedures of the National Council will occur.
  5. The Publications Committee shall be responsible for publication of the Chapter newsletter, which shall be the official organ of the Chapter organization. The Secretary shall arrange for mailing copies of this newsletter to all Chapter members, the Regional Governor, the National Office of the Council of American Master Mariners and such other persons designated by the Chapter President.

Section 5. Finance

  1. The Treasurer shall afford any active Chapter member the right of inspection and inquiry as to the financial circumstances of the Chapter within a reasonable time.
  2. The Treasurer shall formally present to the membership a financial statement with clarifying brief, certified by the Executive Council, at the November business meeting each year.
  3. Reasonable and proper expenses of the Chapter, not exceeding $500.00 may be paid by the Treasurer. Those expenses exceeding $500.00 must have prior approval of the Executive Council or the membership.
  4. A petty cash fund shall be established for Chapter purposes and shall be used at the discretion of the Chapter President.

Section 6. Dues

  1. In addition to the annual dues paid to the National Office of the Council of American Master Mariners, each member affiliated with The Port of Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter shall pay Chapter dues in the amount of twenty dollars ($20.00) per year.
  2. Life members of the Council of American Master Mariners may be afforded similar status in the Port of Seattle/Pacific Northwest Chapter by paying ten times the current annual Chapter dues to the Chapter Treasurer. No further annual Chapter dues will be required as long as National Life Membership status is maintained. Those members qualified previous to November 1, 2004 as Chapter Life Members, shall retain their Life Membership.
  3. Special fund drives or assessments may be instituted by the Chapter President with the approval of the Executive Council.

Section 7. Quorum

  1. A quorum shall consist of seven (7) active Chapter members.

Section 8. Amendments

  1. These By-Laws may be amended by a three-fourths vote of a duly noticed meeting of the membership at which a quorum is present. Amendments shall become effective following adoption subject to approval by the National Board of Governors.