of The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc.

Constitution & By-Laws Committee

Chair: Captain Pat Moloney

This committee oversees proposed changes to to the Constitution and By-Laws. Proposed changes, after committee approval, will be placed on the ballot for vote by the general membership at the next Annual General Meeting.


Finance Committee

Members: Captains Manny Aschemeyer, Jeff Cowan, R.J. Klein, and Don Moore, Jr.

This committee assists the treasurer and oversees the national budget.


Lalonde Spirit of the Seas Award Committee

Chair: Captain Pat Moloney

Members: The five Regional Vice-Presidents

This committee reviews candidate nominations for the Lalonde Spirit of the Seas Award. After review, the committee selects a winner by secret ballot.


Membership Committee

Chair: Captain George Zeluff

Members: Captains Don Moore Jr., and Cal Hunziker

The Membership Committee reviews membership applications, and passes to the Board of Governors for a vote to accept or reject membership.


National Meeting Committee

The National Meeting Committee is the host chapter for that year. For more information about the annual meeting, please see the information posted on our meetings web page.


Positions Committee

Chair: Captain Frank Zabrocky

Members: Captain Don Moore - Deputy Chair, plus one member form each Chapter.

The Positions Committee’s goal is to participate in the decision making process of agencies and regulatory bodies that affect our profession. Please see our views & positions web pages for current topics under discussion.


The Council is being sought out to represent the active professional mariner and our voice is being heard.


Public Relations Committee

Members: Captains Joe Hartnett and Manny Aschemeyer;

The public relations committee is responsible for publicity, visibility and works with the membership committee to attract new members.


Sidelights Committee

Chair: Captain RJ Klein, Editor

Members: Captains Pat Maloney, Cal Hunziker.

This committee reviews articles submitted for publication in Sidelights, CAMM’s by-monthly publication.


Pilot Relations

Chair: Captain Joe Hartnett


Strategic Planning Committee

Co-Chairs: Captains Cal Hunziker and RJ Klein

The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc.