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Mettings Held Monthly Except June-August (TAMUG)

About the Houston Chapter

The Houston Chapter serves the Houston and Texas Coast Ports. It recieved its charter into CAMM on April 6, 1967, making it the oldest chapter of CAMM. Captain Michael Mc Cright serves the chapter as President.


Meetings are regularly held monthly on the 4th Tuesday of the month at TAMUG. Please see the Houston Meetings page of this site for more info.

Become a Houston Chapter Member

Any member of the National CAMM in good standing, residing, working, or otherwise situated within the Houston area are eligible to join the Houston Chapter of CAMM. Members of the national Council not residing or working in the area described and not affiliated with another established chapter of the CAMM may be a member of and associate with the Houston Chapter.

Annual dues for the Houston Chapter are $20. To apply for Houston Chapter Membership, please request an application from one of the chapter officers.

CAMM Houston Chapter
4620 Fairmont Pkwy, Suite 203
Pasadena, TX 77504
Tel: 281-487-4649
Fax: 281-487-0686