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November 18, 2004

Council of American Mariners, Houston, Texas Minutes of the Meeting held on November 18, 2004

1200 HRS Call to Order by President Jack Lane. Invocation by Capt. Leonard Earle and a dedicated moment of silence for all of our members at sea, all those fighting on our behalf, and in respect to those who are in poor health, or may have ?crossed the final bar?. A general discussion was had by all, this included ?Topics needed for professional development conference were discussed. Change of venue and new meeting times were tossed about. With all in agreement the business meeting was suspended for lunch.

President Captain Jack Lane, Professor @ TAMUG, and retired GALTEX pilot
Treasurer Captain Wayne Farthing, Gulf Port Agent/MMP
Captain Harry Coker
Captain Leonard Earle & Charlotte
Captain Dennis Ferguson
Mrs. Ruth Kosieracki, wife of the late and long-time member and supporter Captain Kosieracki Captain L.A. Lebert
Captain Thomas Lightsey, Jr.
Mr. Jim Manzolillo, founder and curator of the HOUSTON MARITIME MUSEUM
Captain Roy Murray
Captain Alan Wisby and wife Dorothy

Secretary's Report
A motion was made to accept the minutes from the last meeting, by Capt. Roy Murray, seconded by Captain Wayne Farthing and they were adopted as written without objection.

Treasurer's Report
As reported by Treasurer Wayne Farthing?s (new official email captfarthing@mastermariner.org). Present balance being of a total of $3,668.00. Motion made to accept and seconded as such. Our biggest expenses were postage and secretarial duties associated with newsletter and postage. Next largest expense was paying for a guaranteed 20-person minimum at Brady?s Landing, when on occasion as of late; we have far less than the minimum.

Health & Wellness Report
Capt. Jim Titus is at home, and per his lovely wife Jane, he will be under hospice care very soon ( as indicated by Jane on December 7, 2004) We were pleased to welcome Captain Alan Wisby & better half back to our meetings.

Old Business
Oral Histories were briefly discussed. Please see Michael Mc Cright or James Manzolillo if you would like to participate in the CAMMI/Library of Congress oral history project.

New Business
Continuing on with earlier discussions. Next meeting confirmed December 16, 2004 at our usual location, Brady?s Landing. Will hold next the January meeting on the third Friday, January 21, 2005, location to be confirmed. Possible February Meeting to be held at Moody Gardens & Convention Center to be confirmed at next meeting.

Tentative Schedule for Professional Development Conference to be held on Thursday, April 21 at The Texas A&M Maritime Academy (TAMUG), located on Pelican Island, Galveston Locale was scripted on Wednesday, December 1, 2004. Captain Jack Lane held a formal planning session for upcoming National Meeting to be held in Galveston April 20-22, 2,005, hereafter informally referred to as the ?CAMMNAT 2005?. Those in attendance were Captain Jack Smith, Professor At TAMUG, Captain Wayne Farthing, Treasurer and MMP Port Agent, and Seagoing VP and chapter secretary Captain Michael Mc Cright, Chief Officer with MMP?s Maersk Sea Land vessels. A campus tour included visiting possible convention meeting areas and the various responsibilities to be delegated.

Capt Jack Lane wanted to emphasize the fact that if any volunteers were interested and available, their assistance in the planning and coordination of the upcoming ?CAMMNAT 2,005?national meeting to be held On April 20-22, 2005 would be most appreciated. As previously noted, ?The Moody Gardens Hotel Spa & Convention Center complex has been selected as the official site of the conference. The website address for the national organization of the Council of American Master Mariners is mastermariner.org. REGISTRATION FORM FOR THE NATIONAL CONVENTION WILL SOON BE AVIALABLE ON THIS WEBSITE. A good source of over all information and numerous details are listed there. Please contact a Chapter officer or member if you would like to assist in the upcoming events. Any and all help will be of great use to our local chapter of CAMM and the National CAMM.