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Page last updated on Sun, Feb 12, 2017

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A POSITION is a statement of support or opposition concerning a major issue or incident effecting mariners, which position has been voted on by the membership at a previous CAMM Annual General Meeting (AGM). The POSITION expresses the majority opinion of the membership.

A VIEW is a statement currently under consideration but which has not been voted upon by the membership. The VIEW will be offered at the next Annual Meeting for consideration. The purpose of the VIEW is to offer information or opinion germane to the merits of adopting a position regarding the issue and to alert members of facts which may not be previously known to them. This allows us all to be well informed about each major issue well before it is debated at the AGM.

As the Annual General Meeting approaches, the issues of VIEWS will be culled down to issues that have proven to be most substantive. After discussion and debate at the AGM, Official Position Statements will be generated for proposal to The Council. Once approved, these CAMM VIEWS will become Official Positions and will be archived for reference and viewing. Each year at the AGM, positions from the previous year will be reviewed, and will then either be amended, carried forward, or dropped. This will keep all our positions current and up-to-date.

CAMM is widely recognized as an organization whose members are highly regarded and extremely knowledgeable about the issues on which we take positions. This is your opportunity to assure that issues about which you are passionate get proper attention from this influential organization. Submit your comment so that you get your “oar in the water” well before the next AGM, helping us to have informed discussion well before the vote.