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Bi-monthly from August - February

Release dates

February 15
April 1*
June 1*
October 1
December 1

* Subject to change, based on Annual Meeting dates

All ads preferred to be maritime related and are subject to approval by the Sidelights Committee.

Printable Media Kit (pdf file)

Ad Rates

SIZEOpen Rate
(per insertion)
3-4x insertion*
(per insertion)
5x insertion**
(per insertion)
Covers: includes 4-color
outside back$1600 $1520 $1360
inside front$1500 $1425 $1275
inside back $1375 $1306 $1169
Full Color Display Ads
2-Page Spread$2400 $2280 $2040
Full Page$1300 $1235 $1105
2/3 Page$114 $1083 $969
1/2 Page$1050 $998 $893
1/3 Page$ 700 $665 $595
1/4 Page$550 $523 $468
Black & White Display Ads
Full Page$850 $808 $723
2/3 Page$720 $684 $612
1/2 Page$550 $523 $468
1/3 Page $420 $399 $357
1/4 Page$350 $333 $298
1/6 page$250 $238 $213
1/8 page$190 $180 $162
Column inch $75 $71 $64

Other Charges:
Add one color to black & white: add 20%
Special Position or extend to trim: add 15%
Design & Layout: $100 per hour

*3-4 time commitment earns 5% discount on each insertion.
**5-time commitment earns 15% discount on each insertion.
NO Agency commissions.

Classified Advertising: $1.50/word. (new starting 2013)
Website Advertising: Please ask about www.mastermariner.org website sponsorship and advertising.

Technical Specs

All measurements are given in inches.

2 page spread
add 9 pt bleed to all sides
full page trim
add 9 pt bleed to all sides
2/3 page vertical*4.625"27p98.83"53p0
1/2 page island4.625"27p97.0"42p0
1/2 page horizontal7.0"42p04.5"27p0
1/3 page square4.625"27p94.5"27p0
1/3 page vertical*2.25"13p68.83"53p0
1/3 page horizontal*7.0"42p03.0"18p0
1/4 page square4.625"27p93.5"21p0
1/4 page horizontal*7.0"42p02.33"14p0
1/6 page vertical2.25"13p64.5"27p0
1/6 page horizontal4.625"27p92.33"14p0
1/8 page2.25"13p63.5"21p0
Column Inch2.25"13p6

*Size may be extended to trims for additional 15% surcharge.
Inside/outside margins: 0.6875" / 4p1.5
Bottom Margin: 0.625" / 3p9
Add 9 pt bleed to bleed edges.

Full page ads with no bleed will be centered on the page with white edges.

Advertising Deadlines

IssueClosing DateCopy DueRelease Date
May 2015April 1April 10May 1
JulyJune 5June 10July 1
OctoberSept. 5Sept. 10Oct. 1
Dec.Nov. 1Nov. 5Dec. 1
February 2016Jan. 10Jan. 20Feb. 15
April*Mar. 5Mar. 10April 1
June*May 1May 10June 1

*Subject to change based on Annual Meeting Dates.


Cancellations not accepted after closing date. When no acceptable copy is furnished by the closing date for space scheduled, publisher reserves the right to repeat the latest advertisement, or to charge for space reserved.


Payment is due within 30 days of invoice.

A 1.5% late payment charge will be assessed on all accounts after 30 days. Accounts turned over for collection will be charged the full cost of collection. No discounts on past due accounts.

Digital Requirements & File Formats

All artwork is to be submitted digitally.

High resolution CMYK PDF files (PDF/X-1a:2001) with embedded graphics and fonts at actual size are preferred. Microsoft Office or similar files may be subject to design services rates.

Email files up to 10 MB to davyne@mastermariner.org. Please ask about ftp upload options for larger files.

Design Services

We can design an advertisement for you if needed. Please supply logos, artwork and/or ideas, and text.

Design work is charged at $100/hr.


Advertising Manager:
Captain Manny Aschemeyer

Layout & Design:
Davyne Bradley

Captain RJ Klein